Agri-Technologies, Inc.

Agri-Technologies is a mission-driven organization with a clearly defined set of values. We encourage our employees
to have a strong sense of purpose, a high level of self-esteem, and the capacity to think clearly and logically.
We believe we have a distinct competitive advantage and that competitive advantage is largely in the minds of our management
and our employees as represented by their capacity to turn ideas into profits which enhances the accomplishment of our mission.

Soybean Test Plot
Soil Sample Collection
Fertilizer Sample
Cotton Crop

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling measures the nutrient contents of your soil. We use those results to create a profitable and environmentally safe program for fertilizer application.

Water Sampling

Testing your irrigation water allows us to assess its quality and prevent problems, both pre- and postharvest, to promote greater production and food safety.


A sound and proven irrigation control strategy for your crops ensures the most environmentally conscious use of water resources and maximizes growth potential.


Fertilizer application selection is crucial to the growth and vitality of your crops. Planned delivery using our sampling results helps to ensure the greatest profit margin.

Employee Protection

Employees are your biggest asset. The Fair Labor Standards Act in Agriculture protects your employees' wages while our planning helps protect you.

Field Inspection

Field inspection ensures all products and practices currently comply with local, state, and federal regulations. We use sampling and testing to assess your compliance.