Crop Talk is a Newsletter written and produced for our Clients by Agri-Technologies employees. Dr. C. Ray Campbell, Agri-Technologies in-house agronomist, is the editor and coordinator of this publication. Crop Talk's main purpose is to keep our clients informed of current news in the Agriculture Industry.

  • April 2009 CropTalk
  • April 2009 CropTalk
  • April 2009 CropTalk

April 2009

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The upcoming growing season seems to promote lots of conversation and references to "Crystal Balls." I cannot remember when I have heard so many agriculturists with questions. Some of the more prevalent questions are:

Will grain prices go up?
What will fuel do?
Will fertilizer prices go down?
What about seeds and chemicals?
What about land rent, shouldn't it go down?

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April 2008

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It is amazing to listen to all the talk about biofuels. Some growers are using it, some are making it, others are growing it. Numerous projects exist all over the country and every project is convinced that it is "the one".
First some facts:

The Ethanol business is tremendously larger than biodiesel.
Biodiesel is relatively easy to make but in reality is just soy oil mixed with diesel.
Ethanol plants require large investments in the neighborhood of $100 million for a single plant.

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March 2007

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The quality of irrigation water is becoming a common concern to many growers. Water quality is of major importance to yield and quality of crops as well as many soil structure issues. Salts are the most important factors for water penetration and infiltration. Most all water contains salts of some kind, but the important ones are calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.