Crop Talk is a Newsletter written and produced for our Clients by Agri-Technologies employees. Dr. C. Ray Campbell, Agri-Technologies in-house agronomist, is the editor and coordinator of this publication. Crop Talk's main purpose is to keep our clients informed of current news in the Agriculture Industry.

January 2005

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Where is Precision Agriculture?

In the five years since "Precision Ag" has been a household name, we have experienced many changes. "Ups" and "downs" probably best describe the development of Precision Ag during this period. Originally, we associated Precision Ag as simply grid sampling and variable rate fertilizer and lime application.

March 2004

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Many years ago, most of us recall gypsum being used as a pegging treatment in peanuts. When plasti- culture was started on farms in the easter US, we soon recognized the benefits from applying gypsum in orhter production situations. Gypsum has become such an essential part of our production program that we are now using it on virtually all irrigated crops.

March 2003

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Agriculture at a Crossroads

I was probably in the fifth or sixth grade when I first became aware of agriculture as an industry. One of my first memories of reading and understanding the scope of agriculture was an article in a farm magazine titled "Agriculture at a Crossroads"> Just a few days ago I saw that same title again and I realized that agriculture must be at a crossroads all the time.